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July 8, 2009

The Wonders of GM Crops

Genetically Modified (GM) foods get a lot of bad press and are often linked with many negative health effects. The reality is that there is no scientific evidence against GM food. They are also some of the most rigorously tested food products. This doesn't stop groups like Green Peace from adamantly fighting against GM food.

The reason GM food is so widely used is because it is made to have advantages. GM crops often require less fertilizer, less pesticides, and are less demanding on the soil. Science Daily announced today that scientists in Australia have come close to creating GM crops that could grow in areas with high salt concentration. "Salinity affects the growth of plants worldwide, particularly in irrigated land where one third of the world's food is produced. And it is a problem that is only going to get worse, as pressure to use less water increases and quality of water decreases," says the team's leader, Professor Mark Tester.

The basic idea is they have found a way to create plants that filter out the salt in the roots. The world's population is not getting smaller. With a growing population we are going to need genetically modified foods more and more. It is really important that people understand that GM food is not the villain our culture sees. GM food is a hero in disguise.