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July 11, 2009

Shuttle Launch tomorrow

The launch of space shuttle Endeavor has been postponed to tomorrow evening at 7:13 eastern time. Two earlier launch dates in June were scrapped due to a hydrogen fuel leak. Now that problem seems to be solved, but today's weather has pushed back the launch one more day. Crews at Kennedy Space Center are now checking to make sure that the launch pad and Endeavor were not damaged by any of the lightning strikes. "We've seen nothing so far that shows anything affected any of the systems," said Mike Moses, chairman of the pre-launch Mission Management Team. "We need to be 100 percent confident that we have a good system across the board." The weather should be better tomorrow and hopefully Endeavor will finally get off the ground.

When the launch does happen you can watch it live on NASA TV at your home or at I highly recommend it if you have the opportunity.

Source- NASA