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About Us

Ali Marie
Ali Marie is a third-year college student and a self-proclaimed museum geek and paleo-nerd. Her interest in how the world around her works began as a young child, when she wouldn’t stop asking “why?” She’s since taken classes at museums and schools to learn as much as she can, and volunteers at museums to share that knowledge with anyone willing to listen. When not studying or spreading science, reason, and critical thinking, Ali enjoys digging up dinosaurs, reading, writing, drawing prehistoric creatures, playing an absurd number of musical instruments, and living in awe of our amazing universe.
Ali also writes for Teen Skepchick, a blog about science, critical thinking, skepticism, and feminism, geared toward the teenage girl.

Carver is a space geek interested in science education at all levels. Carver is first and foremost a naturalist, spending as much time as he can simply observing nature. He loves hiking, surfing, camping, stargazing and just about anything else you can do outside. When trapped inside, he enjoys reading up on the latest news in science, particularly astronomy. He was introduced to skepticism first through Carl Sagan's Cosmos television series, and then more formally through the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe. Carver has volunteered in science museums, outdoor education schools, and hundred-year-old observatories. Through this, he promotes science as a more than just a set of facts, but a way of looking at the universe.