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August 1, 2011

Summer Intro to Paleo: Field Work

Here's the second video in my summer introduction to paleontology course. This time, we look at how to do field work. If you haven't seen them, you can watch previous installments.

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Note: It may be a while before the next video is uploaded... I'm experimenting with a new way of recording these. The next installment, on lab work, should be in the next few weeks once I get that worked out.


Anonymous said...

Excellent presentation. I like the very practical nature. My wife and I just moved to Utah, and I have gotten the fossil bug. Since I do a lot of hiking, I wanted to know how to recognize potential fossil sites and also how to recognize fossils and the containing rocks. I have been to a trilobite quarry, but I am of the independent explorer type. :)

Ali Marie said...

Glad you enjoyed the presentation. I am working on continuing this series, and also doing more posts on how to identify fossils (I did one previously, here), so keep an eye out for those coming through the rest of the summer and fall.
Also, if you ever have any questions on identifying fossils or finding a good site, feel free to email me, and I'd be happy to give you my opinion.
Happy fossil hunting!