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February 14, 2011

We are Coming Back

Wow. It feels like I have not written a post in forever, and it has been much too long. Ali Marie and I are going to work to update more often again. My goal is to have at least 1-2 posts a week going up over the next month. Hopefully, we will soon get back into a rhythm, and post more frequently.

In the past, when there has been a gap, I have tried to give a brief cover as to what has happened in that time. Instead, here I want to talk about the future. Going forward, I want to write more of what I have done in the past, the news updates and the scientific unknowns, but maybe also talk more about how to communicate science. I have not talked about this much in the past, which is odd since really that is what I do. For the last 5 years, I have volunteered and worked paid positions teaching science. I have done this in lots of different venues from camps to museums to urban schools. The story of science is too important to be left out of any corner of our society.

So with that, look for more posts to come soon.