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October 13, 2010

National Fossil Day!

The Thermopolis Archaeopteryx
One of the most amazing fossils ever found
Today marks the first annual National Fossil Day. Sponsored by the National Park Service and the American Geological Institute, this holiday of sorts is designed to promote the scientific and educational value of fossils. There's events going on nation-wide, sharing the wonder of fossils with the public and showing how they need to be protected and preserved, so that we can continue to learn from them and so that everyone can enjoy the wonder they create.

National Fossil Day is part of Earth Science Week, October 10-16. This year, the theme of Earth Science Week is Exploring Energy, a very important topic in today's world. A huge percentage of our energy comes from fossil fuels, such as oil, coal, and natural gas. These resources, just like any other fossil, took hundreds of millions of years to form, and will take hundreds of millions more to recharge. It's a sobering issue, that certainly needs attention.

So, take a look at Earth Science Week, National Fossil Day, and the USGS Energy Information. Go learn what a trilobite, a Tully Monster, a cycad, and a Protoceratops are. Visit your local natural history museum. And enjoy National Fossil Day!